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TempSure Specialist

Rel L. Gray M.D. L.L.C.

Weight Loss Specialist located in Ruston, LA

What if you could turn back the clock, giving yourself tighter, more radiant, younger-looking skin? And what if you could get all that through a quick, easy treatment? This may sound too good to be true, but thanks to TempSure™ technology, it’s available with the compassionate expertise from Rel L. Gray, MD, and the team at Rel L. Gray M.D. L.L.C. in Ruston, Louisiana. To learn more, call the office or schedule your appointment online today.

TempSure Q & A

What is TempSure?

The specialists at Rel L. Gray M.D. L.L.C. have chosen to bring TempSure to their patients because of its proven results, safe and comfortable treatment experience, and ability to help you get closer to your ideal physical form.

The team uses this gentle radiofrequency treatment to safely send heat waves into your skin where they can turn back the clock, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite. This innovative skin-tightening treatment usually takes less than an hour to deliver dramatic results.

TempSure is highly effective on the face, where it can smooth the telltale signs of aging and tighten skin to help you look years younger. It’s also effective on the body. Wherever loose or sagging skin is keeping you from looking and feeling your best, TempSure can be used to tighten the skin. With this quick, noninvasive treatment, you can get a smoother, more svelte frame.

How does TempSure work?

Your specialist at Dr. Gray’s office sends radiofrequency energy through the TempSure device into your skin. Your specialist carefully monitors the amount of heat delivered, sending just enough to trigger a healing response from your skin.

The radiofrequency waves trick your skin into thinking it’s being injured. It responds by creating collagen, the protein in your skin that gives it its elasticity, helping it stay taut, plump, and youthful. The new collagen fibers that your skin creates after a TempSure treatment leave your skin looking tighter, fuller, and more radiant.

What should I expect during my TempSure treatment?

One of the best parts about TempSure is that it’s quick and comfortable. During your treatment, you’ll feel a gentle warming sensation as your specialist moves the TempSure device across your skin.

In general, most TempSure treatments can be performed in under an hour. Because the treatment is noninvasive, you can continue on with your day immediately after, making this an ideal lunchtime procedure. You might experience some mild redness, but it subsides quickly.

If you’d like to learn more about TempSure and how the team at Rel L. Gray MD LLC  can use it to give you smoother, tighter skin, call the practice or book your appointment online.