Wave Goodbye to Flabby Arms

Everyone has different problem areas they want to address on their bodies. But if your trouble zone is your arms, it can feel especially burdensome. While other people can hide their loose skin or excess fat under clothes, summer weather makes it hard to keep your arms out of sight. 

Fortunately, you’re not stuck with flabby arms. At our office in Ruston, Louisiana, Rel L. Gray, MD, and our team offer a groundbreaking treatment to help you get firmer, smaller arms. It’s called TempSure®.

Take a moment to learn more about how we can use the TempSure platform to help you fully embrace your right to bare arms.

How TempSure works

TempSure is a radiofrequency-based medical aesthetics technology. It’s a fairly versatile platform that can send radiofrequency wherever you need it most.

Why would you want to direct radiofrequency into your body? Because it tightens your skin. When the radiofrequency waves reach the targeted body area, they trigger a safe heating in the layers of your skin. This warming stimulates the production of collagen.

Collagen is the protein that serves as a support structure for your skin, helping it stay taut and elastic. As you get older, your body produces less collagen on its own. This leads to a whole host of problems, from facial wrinkles to those pesky batwings under your arms. 

But excess arm skin doesn’t have to hold you back this summer. After your TempSure treatment, your body gets to work building a new network of collagen on your arms. This tightens and firms the skin, helping you get slimmer, less flabby arms. 

Getting your dream arms with TempSure

TempSure is a quick, comfortable, convenient treatment. You don’t need any anesthetic, injections, or incisions; Dr. Gray merely moves the TempSure device over your skin. You don’t need to worry about any downtime afterward, either.

You might achieve your arm goals with one TempSure treatment, but multiple treatments will give you tighter skin, helping you move toward fully eliminating arm flab. 

Talk with Dr. Gray about your arm goals and he can recommend a personalized treatment plan for you. 

Don’t let flabby arms keep you from feeling your best. To learn more about TempSure, call our Ruston, Louisiana, office at 318-251-1000 or request an appointment online today. Or, if you have a question about TempSure, feel free to send a message to Dr. Gray and the team on our website.

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