The Secret Ingredient to Weight Loss: Water

If you want to lose weight, it turns out that water is key to your success especially if you’re significantly overweight or obese. That’s because water not only plays a vital role in how your body functions, but also because it can be hard to stay properly hydrated when you’re carrying extra pounds.

Dr. Rel L. Gray understands the role water plays in your body’s performance, so he makes it an essential part of his highly effective weight-loss program in Ruston, Louisiana. Once you see why, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to try it yourself. 

Water fills you up

It’s hard to stick to your diet when you feel hungry all the time. Fortunately, drinking more water can help. When you drink water, it makes your stomach feel fuller. This causes your stomach to signal your brain that you don’t need to eat any more because it’s full. That means drinking more water throughout the day can help you avoid unnecessary snacking by naturally suppressing your appetite. And, if you drink water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it can help you reduce the calories you consume at each meal by 13%.

Water reduces the calories you consume

Drinking more water not only helps you eat fewer calories at mealtimes, but it can also reduce your daily caloric intake in general. That’s because water is a non-caloric alternative to your favorite high-calorie liquids like juices, sodas, sports drinks, sweetened coffees and teas, or alcoholic beverages. Studies also show that because you consume fewer calories on a regular basis, drinking more water can also help with long-term weight management.

Water fires up your metabolism and burns fat

Believe it or not, drinking cold water can actually kick your metabolism into gear. That’s because your body needs to warm the water up to digest it, which takes energy in the form of calories. And, once you jumpstart your metabolism with that cold glass of water, you can continue seeing a 2-3% increase in the calories you burn for up to 90 minutes, even while resting. 

Your body also needs water to turn your stored fat into energy water molecules interact with the triglycerides, or fats, in your body to make glycerol and fatty acids. So, when you add plenty of cold water to your daily routine, it can help you see significant changes in your weight, body mass index, body fat, and waist circumference by turning you into a calorie- and fat-burning machine.

Water keeps your waste moving

Water plays a critical role in removing urine and feces from your body. When you’re properly hydrated, your kidneys filter toxins and waste from your system while retaining the nutrients and electrolytes you need to function. Water also keeps your stools soft and loose enough to pass easily during a bowel movement. When you become dehydrated, your kidneys retain fluid, and your stools become dry, hard, or lumpy, which causes constipation. As waste builds up in your body, it’s common to become swollen, bloated, and tired. You can even gain extra inches around your waist.

To learn more about how water can help you reach your weight loss goals, call Rel L. Gray M.D. L.L.C. at 318-251-1000 or schedule an appointment online today.

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