Making a New Patient Appointment for Weight Loss

If you would like to schedule an appointment to become a weight loss patient with Dr. Gray, the first thing you'll need to do is come in, fill out the paperwork, and pay the initial fee! Then we can book your appointment for our next available date. If you cannot come in and fill out the paperwork you can always call, pay over the phone, and we will mail you the paperwork! We cannot mail you the paperwork until you have paid the inital fee! The paperwork cannot be faxed or emailed back to us, it must be mailed. Once we recieve your paperwork, someone will call to schedule your appointment for out next available date! If you schedule a apointment on our website it will be canceled. Only because we see new patients on certain days and we stay booked out for a few weeks at a time!

If you have an questions please feel free to call our office at (318)251-1000



                                                                              Emilee MaGee


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