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Finish off Your Weight Loss Journey With Noninvasive SculpSure Body Contouring

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You did it. You worked hard at making lifestyle and nutritional changes, you exercised, and you followed your weight-loss plan. Your efforts are paying off. You love how you look and feel in your new and improved healthier body, but still … those stubborn trouble spots don’t seem to budge.

If only those annoying bulges would respond to your attempts at banishing belly fat, love handles, or even that double chin, you’d really feel like you’ve accomplished your goals to live a healthier life.

Here at the practice of Rel L. Gray, MD, LLC, we offer the support you need to achieve your ultimate body transformation results. Learn how to finish off your weight-loss journey with noninvasive SculpSure® body contouring. Say goodbye to bulges once and for all.

SculpSure is a sure way to eliminate fat for good

Weight loss is one thing, but fat loss is another. Dieting, exercising, and shedding pounds is not the same as losing fat. As the numbers on the scale decrease, you shrink your fat cells, but they’re still there, hanging on in those hard-to-lose places.

Fat loss, though — the kind you get from SculpSure laser treatments — is a surefire way to eliminate fat cells from your body, not just make them smaller. The weight you’ve lost got you very close to your goal of a more slender body. But fat cells that have accumulated over the course of your lifetime, in areas like your thighs, abdomen, and back, need more help than you can give them with diet and toning exercises.

SculpSure noninvasive laser treatments easily target those impossible areas and obliterate fat cells. The treatment doesn’t harm surrounding tissue or your skin, just the internal fat cells. Once these fat cells heat up to a controlled temperature, they die, and your body naturally eliminates them through your lymphatic system.

As a result, you get trimmer thighs, a more slender waistline, or less of a back fat bulge — up to 24% less per session, in fact. And the best part is, once fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good. Your body won’t grow new ones in that same area again. As long as you maintain your healthy lifestyle, you can keep the fat cells that are left from plumping back up again.

Remarkably, obliterating fat cells with SculpSure is painless

The SculpSure treatment itself is a painless, easily tolerated treatment. You recline comfortably on the treatment table, while Dr. Gray or a member of his skilled team customize the SculpSure applicators to address your specific areas of fat. During the 25-minute treatment, in which you may also be able to treat more than one area at the same time, you feel a warm, tingling sensation as the laser heats fat cells deep within your skin.

The warming sensation alternates with a cooling sensation as the built-in temperature regulator keeps the surface of your skin comfortable. Your fat cells absorb the heat from the laser and die off. Over the next several weeks, as you eliminate the fat, you begin to notice a slimmer, more sculpted silhouette.

SculpSure is a safe way to reach your body sculpting goals

The SculpSure system is FDA-cleared to treat stubborn fat in several areas on your body. It was developed by Cynosure®, leaders in the field of aesthetic laser technology. SculpSure is noninvasive and safe enough for you to receive a series of treatments in the same area, based on your individual needs, so you can lose unwanted fat cells during each SculpSure session.

It’s really that simple. Come to our office on your lunch hour and go back to work right afterward. You may see results in as little as six weeks, with the optimal outcome around 12 weeks.

Are you ready to finish off your weight-loss journey so you can enjoy your new, slimmer body? SculpSure body contouring reduces your fat and bolsters your self-confidence.

Call our office today to schedule a consultation or use the convenient online booking feature on this website.

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