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5 Tips to Keep Your Skin in the Pink of Health This Summer

Summer’s knocking at the door. That means more sunlight hours and more vacations, plus far less of a need to pack a jacket. As the warming weather calls for lighter fabrics and fewer layers, more of your skin will be exposed, so make sure it looks its best.

That can be tricky, especially when you consider that summer also means more sun exposure, one of the key contributors to skin aging. Fortunately, you can enjoy the summer season without risking your skin health. 

Rel L. Gray, MD, and our team put together some tips to help your skin stay healthy and beautiful-looking all summer long. At most, these tips require a quick trip to our office in Ruston, Louisiana. For the most part, though, they’re changes you can make right now to keep your skin looking radiant trough the warmer months. 

1. Mind your meals

A healthy diet affects your entire body — and that includes your skin, your body’s largest organ. A balanced, nutritious diet gives your skin what it needs to thrive. 

What, exactly, does a balanced diet include? It can be challenging to determine the right amount of key nutrients for your unique body. That’s why Dr. Gray offers nutrition counseling at our office. If you want support in transforming your diet to transform your skin, your body, your energy levels, and more, our team is here to help. 

2. Defend it against the sun …

For most people, summer means spending more time outside. Make sure you protect your skin while you do. That can mean wearing protective clothing, staying in the shade, or being diligent about your sunscreen application. Find what works best for you and stick with it. 

The American Academy of Dermatology ranks sun protection as the No. 1 way to prevent your skin from aging prematurely. 

3. … and aging

Sun protection defends against premature aging, but what do you do about the toll time has already taken? Start by not worrying. At Rel L. Gray, MD, LLC, we offer noninvasive, comfortable treatment to tighten the skin on your face and body. With our innovative anti-aging treatmentsTempSure™ Envi for your face and WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure® to contour your body — we can help you turn back the clock. 

4. Drink up

If you struggle with dry skin during the summer, it could be because your body is dehydrated in general. Make sure you’re drinking enough water each day, especially in the warmer months when you lose more moisture to sweat. 

5. Check your skin care products

On the other hand, your skin might be oilier during the summer months thanks to the heat of the day. Reevaluate your skin care routine. Swapping a heavy cream cleanser for a lighter one can help you avoid a shine on your face’s so-called T-zone — the forehead, nose, and chin. Also, if you’re not already using a moisturizer with SPF, make the change to safeguard your skin. 

Summer won’t wait for you to get your skin ready. To start prepping now so you can enjoy radiant skin during swimsuit season, call our office at 318-251-1000 or request an appointment online. Or you can also send us a message here on our website..Our team looks forward to helping you enjoy a beautiful summer. 

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